Chn-Blr by air??!!

Flying into Bangalore is a pain. I prefer that only in case of short notice plans.

Chennai city to Chennai airport – 30-60 minutes depending upon traffic

Check in and boarding procedures – 30 minutes

Flight time – 60 minutes

Landing procedures and luggage – 30 minutes

Drive to Bangalore city – 60 minutes

Thats almost 4 hours assuming no delays or traffic jams. By road we reach by say 5 hours, then we have a car at our disposal and no risk of flying. The roads are awesome and we can stop anywhere we want and stretch. No air sickness, no luggage restrictions (can take a bazooka if I want) and most importantly no irritating announcements saying it was a pleasure to have us on board and how we are waiting to serve you again.

If you put a weight to all the inconveniences on air travel, it will out weight the road trip.


Having said that all that, I am taking the flight to Bangalore this Saturday 😦 So much for cribbing.


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